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Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers

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Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers

Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers come in four different flavors!

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The Bottom Line

At less than 9 calories and 0 grams of sugar per piece, Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers are a great choice for something sweet if your tummy is not sensitive to sugar substitutes.
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  • Four sweet flavors
  • Convenient
  • Tastes a lot like the regular versions


  • Not a low calorie food
  • Uneven number of flavors in a bag
  • "Individuals sensitive to sugar substitutes may experience a laxative effect."


  • Sugar alcohol (isomalt and polyglucitol syrup) sweetened hard candies
  • About $2.30 for a 3.6oz bag
  • Watermelon, grape, apple, and raspberry flavors

Guide Review - Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers are probably one of the most well-known and well-loved fruit flavored hard candies. The only other hard candies I can think of that may be more well-loved and well-known are Life Savers; however, Life Savers do not have the diverse flavors of Jolly Ranchers such as grape, watermelon, apple, or raspberry. Regardless, as candy fans got older and more sugar conscious, they might have had to give up such fruit flavored treats. With the release of Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers, fans who gave them up can go right back to enjoying multicolored tongues and fruit flavored goodness.

One of the first things you will notice about the Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers is they do not have the semi-iconic rectangular shape. Instead, they are oval shaped, bright colored candies with a smooth texture. When you open the wrappers, the second thing you notice is the nice fragrance of the respective flavors. For example, the green apple gives off a sweet, albeit artificial, green apple scent. The flavors are similar to their scents in that they taste artificial, however, there is a tang to the sweetness. The watermelon and, to a lesser extent, raspberry have a tanginess that complement the fruit flavors and help make up for their not as strong sugary sweetness as compared to their sugared counterparts.

Overall, the Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers are a great product. The candy has a nice balance of sweetness, tanginess, and artificial fruit flavoring. The only thing to really watch out for is that the sweetening agent in the candy is sugar alcohol. As the About.com Guide on low carb diets and the warning label on the back of the Sugar Free Jolly Rancher bag state, there is a chance that products with sugar alcohol may cause bloating, gas, or diarrhea. Many candies and gum use sugar alcohol, so this is not an issue isolated to Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers. However, having sugar alcohol as the artificial sweetener is definitely something to consider when choosing to enjoy these sweets.

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