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Sugar Free Werther's Original Hard Candies

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Sugar Free Werther's Original Hard Candies

Sugar Free Werther's Original Hard Candies are a great candy.

Anna Rosales
With about 40 calories per 5 piece serving, Sugar Free Werther's Original Hard Candies are a good choice with the low calories, good flavor, and smooth texture.



• Smooth caramel flavor
• About forty percent fewer calories than the sugared version
• No artificial aftertaste


• Each candy is smaller than the original
• Consuming excess amounts may create a laxative effect
• Dissolves relatively quickly


Acesulfame K sweetened caramel hard candy
• About 40 calories, 14 grams sugar alcohol, and 15 grams total carbohydrates per serving (5 pieces)
• About $1.99 for a 2.75oz bag

Full Review

When I think of more savory sweet flavored hard candies like butterscotch, caramel, or coffee, I picture my grandmother enjoying them and giving them to me. Those types of candies are not at the top of my candy list and are certainly not the first ones I would pick up if I was craving something sweet; however, there are definitely some savory sweet candies on the market that have a history of being quality products and are worth checking out if you want something different. Today, I am looking at a sugar free version of one of those products, Werther's Original Hard Candies, to see if the sugar free version can live up to the original created in 1903.

When I opened the package of Sugar Free Werther's Original Hard Candies, a collection of individually wrapped, gold colored candies were inside. Taking the first piece out and opening the wrapper I found a light tan colored, oval shaped hard candy. It had a very smooth texture on the outside and only gave off a very faint caramel scent when it was put close to my nose. The candy still had the little dimple in the center that I fondly remember from trying one of the regular Werther's Original Hard Candies as a child. When I finally popped the candy in my mouth, I also immediately remembered the candy being a little bit bigger, which I later confirmed was the case when I compared candy sizes. Flavor-wise, the candy was spot on with a pleasant creamy caramel and buttery flavor. It might have been a little sweeter in the regular version, but I am not missing it in the sugar free version.

Comparing the Sugar Free Werther's Original Hard Candies to a recently reviewed and possibly cross-shopped product, Sugar Free Nips, the Werther's Originals compare favorably. Both are solid products, but I would say the lower calories and slightly better tasting Werther's win out. Regardless, you will not go wrong choosing either candy if you want something savory sweet.

Overall, Sugar Free Werther's Original Hard Candies are a great product. They have good flavor and texture while also being significantly lower in calories than the regular version. I would have liked to see each candy last a little longer in my mouth (it took about three minutes to dissolve) and for the candy to not potentially cause a laxative effect, which is common in sugar free candies; however, if you were a fan of the original you will not be disappointed by the sugar free version.

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