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Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles

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Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles

Worried about sugar and your kids' drinks? Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch could be a fit!

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The Bottom Line

Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles make low calorie, sweet fruit flavored drinks easy for kids to make and take on the go.
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  • Convenient and easy to use packets
  • Good for 16oz to 20oz bottles of water
  • Inexpensive


  • Significant artificial aftertaste
  • Very sweet initial taste
  • Takes some time for all the powder to dissolve


  • Aspartame sweetened fruit drink mix
  • About $1.00 for 8 single serving packets
  • About 5 calories per serving

Guide Review - Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles

Being busy and on the go are not just adult traits. Kids are busier than ever with things such as school, practices, lessons, and social events. So while kids are off to their next activity, convenient food and drinks are key to keeping their energy up. With drink mix packets like Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles, now parents can give their busy kids Hawaiian Punch on the go without the worries of sugar or extra calories.

Using the Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles is as easy as 1-2-3. After opening a packet, all you have to do is pour it into a bottle of water and shake until the powder dissolves. It takes a little bit of effort to get the powder to complete dissolve, but it is nothing that an energetic kid wouldn't enjoy. Once dissolved, the drink is the normal ruby red color of Hawaiian Punch and there is no graininess at all.

Flavor-wise, the Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch can be a little sweet. In fact, I noticed that there is a stronger sweetness and artificial aftertaste when one leaves the drink settle; the shorter the intervals between sips, the better the Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch actually tastes.

Overall, the Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles packs are a decent addition to a kids lunch pail. While I would still suggest choosing natural fruit juices if a kid has to have juice due to the vitamins and minerals, if one has to have an artificial juice then Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch is not a bad choice. It is a low calorie drink that is inexpensive and tastes close to the original. One just has to drink it relatively fast or continually shake it to keep the artificial flavor from lingering.

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