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Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus Flavor

An Abrasive Sweet Green Tea

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Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus Flavor

Lipton Diet Green Tea has good for you antioxidants.

Anna Rosales
With zero grams of sugar and no calories, Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus Flavor trades clean flavors for being sugar free.



• Somewhat refreshing
• No artificial flavors
• No artificial colors


• Very sweet
• Slightly abrasive flavoring
• Does not really taste like green tea


Acesulfame Potassium and sucralose sweetened green tea drink
• Zero calories per serving (8 fl oz)
• About $1.00 for 20 fl oz

Product Review

When you are on the go, consuming low to no sugar drinks is a good idea. First, it helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Second, your calorie count can be kept to a minimum with water and other sugar free options. One good option, due to its low calorie count (provided it is no sugar added or "diet"), is green tea. Green tea comes in many different brands and flavor profiles that you will likely find a type that suits you. In addition, green tea can be loaded in antioxidants which have been shown to help reduce incidents of disease and cancer. Today, I will be reviewing one popular sugar free green tea product found in most grocery stores - Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus Flavor.

When I first opened the drink, I noticed the slightly greenish-brown tea gave away a strong sweetness. There was almost a juice-like scent that came off, but the beverage has no juice in the ingredients. As a result, I was expecting a very sweet flavor and I was right - the Lipton Diet Green Tea is definitely sweet, but the sweetness is a little overshadowed by the abrasiveness of the flavoring. There is some green tea flavor, but the combination of artificial sweetness and citrus makes the drink seem like a not very clean sweet tea.

Comparing the Lipton Diet Green Tea to the non-diet version, I definitely prefer the non-diet version. The non-diet's flavors are cleaner and not overly sweet. The drink is still sweet, but given how easy the drink goes down with no artificial sweetness, the citrus and the green tea flavors seem more pleasantly pronounced. I would definitely drink the non-diet version again.

Overall, I think the Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus Flavor is a mediocre product. If you like tea it is worth a shot, but the drink is definitely not as pleasant or refreshing to consume as the non-diet version; however, it also has 180 less calories, 46 grams less sugar, and 46 grams less carbohydrates. While it is not always the case that there has to be such a trade off, in this particular case one does give up some clean flavors in order to get their sugar free tea fix.

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