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Diet Peach Tea Snapple

A Decent On-The-Go Beverage with Some Aftertaste

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Diet Peach Tea Snapple

Is Diet Peach Tea Snapple made from the best stuff on Earth?

Anna Rosales
With zero calories and no sugars, the Diet Peach Tea Snapple is a decent choice compared to similar products on the market.



• Pleasant peach scent
• Has no calories
• Has 71 milligrams of antioxidants per serving


• Definite sugar alternative aftertaste
• Slightly abrasive finish
• Not as large as some other mainstream competitors


Aspartame sweetened, peach flavored, green and black tea
• Zero calories per serving (8 fl oz)
• About $1.00 for a 16 fl oz bottle

Main Review

Snapple has an army of sugar free or low sugar beverages (11 to be exact) that offer plenty of options for those with a sugar free lifestyle. Some are more traditional with flavors such as diet green tea, diet lemon tea, and diet raspberry tea. However, some are much more eccentric if you are looking for something with a little more pizzazz such as diet plum-a-granate tea, diet papaya mango, and even diet "trop-a-rocka" tea. Today, we'll be looking at one of the more traditional choices that is very popular and easy to find in the stores - Diet Peach Tea Snapple.

When I first popped open the Diet Peach Tea Snapple, I immediately noticed the pleasant peach scent that smelled just like a fresh peach. Once I eagerly took a large gulp of the medium brown beverage, I did not taste the large amount of peach flavor that the aforementioned scent led me to believe I would experience. Granted, when you drink fruit flavored teas, you should not expect a fruit flavor experience similar to a juice. In fact, often if you just get hints of the fruit aside from the general tea flavoring and character that should be enough. However, I would say there is a decent amount of peach flavoring where one definitely knows it is intended to be a peach tea, but much of the drink's character comes from the sugar alternative aftertaste. The aftertaste is somewhat abrasive and definitely present in each sip. In addition, the sweetness is not too much but it feels a little unpleasant going down.

Product Wrap Up

Overall, I think the Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus Flavor is an OK product. It is definitely comparable to other diet teas on the market such as the recently reviewed Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus Flavor as it trades some aftertaste for lower calories and sugar (the regular version of the Peach Tea Snapple has 160 calories, 40 grams of sugar, and 40 grams of carbohydrates). Ultimately, is the Diet Peach Tea Snapple a product you would want to take home? I recommend giving it a try if you enjoy teas, but I would not expect the cleaner flavors and the overall refreshing nature of the regular versions of the teas you might be used to.

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