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Sugar Free Holiday Drink Guide

Festive Sugar Free Drinks for This Holiday Season


Sugar Free Holiday Drink Guide

Sugar free holiday drinks are not too far away with some wine and spices.

Anna Rosales
From sparkling toasts on New Year’s Eve to warm beverages by the fire, seasonal drinks bring holiday cheer! Even without sugar or sticking to no sugar added drinks, seasonal drinks can still be very merry. Here are some ideas to help bring in the holiday cheer while quenching your thirst:

Hot Cocoa: Hot cocoa is a winter time staple that brings out a sweet smile from almost everyone. It is as simple as warming milk and mixing in chocolate, but there are a few options for tailoring the treat to your taste buds while still keeping the drink sugar free. For a rich and creamy consistency without the extra fat of cream, try using fat free half and half. For the cocoa part of this sweet treat, there are a number of options to keep you on track. Using a sugar free chocolate syrup like Hershey’s sugar free chocolate syrup is the simplest way to add the chocolate flavor. For a traditional hot chocolate, use cocoa and add Splenda for the sweetener. To make the drink a little more fun, try mixing in cinnamon or melting an Andes mint chocolate into the mix or topping with sugar free whipped topping. These touches will kick up any hot chocolate recipe and bring a surprise to the lips of your loved ones.

Spiced Wine: The scent of the holidays fill a house when cinnamon, clove, and fruit simmer in spiced wine. Using a crockpot makes spiced wine an easy drink for a hostess to throw together and forget about whether you have a large holiday party or a few surprise carolers pop up at your door. When making the spiced wine, any red wine of your preference can be used. Add in slices of oranges, pears, apples, cloves, and cinnamon sticks to get the spiced wine started. For extra flavor, use mulling spices, a splash of fruit juice (I like apple cider), or a bit of liqueur (Grand Mariner or brandy both work well).

Holiday Tea: Sparkling water can also take tea, juice, and lemonade from an ordinary offering to a holiday treat! Brew a strong peppermint tea with a small amount of flat water and dilute with carbonated water for a seasonal sparkling iced tea. Let guests mix their own drinks with a seltzer bar, vodka, and mixers to make your holiday party more interactive! For kids, make it a "make your own soda" bar with sugar free syrups, reduced sugar juices, and a Soda Stream machine.

Whether toasting with a mug of spiced wine or a flute of sparkling champagne enjoy your holiday celebrations with friends and loved ones.

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