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GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels

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GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels

GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels are also gluten free!

Anna Rosales

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for caramel goodness, go elsewhere than the Golightly Vanilla Caramel Sugar Free Chews or you will be disappointed.
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  • Not ridiculously sticky or chewy
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial aftertaste


  • No real vanilla or caramel flavors
  • Relatively high calories for a flavorless candy
  • Dissolves in your mouth very quickly


  • Splenda sweetened, vanilla caramel chews
  • About 150 calories per serving (5 pieces)
  • About $2.50 for a 2.75oz bag

Guide Review - GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels

Sugar free and caramel seem like a set of words that would not normally go together considering that caramel is usually created by boiling a concoction of milk or cream, sugar, butter, and vanilla flavoring. However, when I saw the GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel Chews, I was intrigued because of the aforementioned dichotomy and because I simply love caramel. If the GoLightly vanilla caramels were a success, I would likely find a way to use them in some of my baking or cooking. Upon opening the bright orange GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels bag, a pleasant smell of sweetness was released with a tumble of bright yellow and red striped candies. I was excited because the GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels reminded me of the gumball sized taffy candies often found in the grocery stores; however, this excitement would be short lived.

Appearance-wise, the caramels certainly look the part with a medium brown color and smooth consistency throughout. The sides are a little jagged like they were stretched and cut from a long line of caramel. As I took my first bite, I noticed that the sweet smell found in the bag was hardly present when actually smelling the candy. in addition, the anticipated vanilla and caramel flavors of the candy were even more scant. There was a hint of vanilla and a touch caramel but that was it. Given the candy was presented as a delicious yet simple caramel chew, I expected at least a relatively strong caramel flavor. Similar to the quick to disappear flavor, the candy itself was quick to disappear as well. I understand that not all people want super sticky candy, I am one of them, but I expected more than a few chews of the caramel before it would have dissolved.

Overall, I am disappointed by the GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels and would not purchase them if you were looking for good caramel snacks. They are a relatively bland candy and not particularly low in calories either (GoLightly claims they are about 10 calories less than the average caramel chews). Instead of purchasing the GoLightly Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels, I would probably consider looking for a sugar free recipe to make similar, more flavorful caramel snacks. These recipes may give you some hints on how to start.

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