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Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate

The Hershey's Classic Chocolate

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Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate

Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate is a lower calorie, but not low calorie, version of the classic!

Anna Rosales
With 160 calories per serving and no artificial aftertaste, Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate is a good product but there are a slight hiccups.



• Solid milk chocolate flavor
• No sugar alternative aftertaste
• About 20 percent less calories than the original version


• A slightly grainy finish
• May create a laxative effect in some
• Might be a little too sweet


Sugar alcohol sweetened milk chocolate candies
• About 160 calories, 24 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of sugar alcohols per serving (5 pieces)
• About $2.00 per 3 ounce bag

Product Review

The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar is the standard by which most American chocolate bars are measured. It is a simple, American classic that is certainly enjoyable as a pure chocolate snack, but it is so versatile that it has spawned a number of chocolate variations and can be found in many of different recipes; countless chocolate cakes, Boston cream pies, and hot cocoas have been enjoyed since it was invented in 1894 by adults and kids alike. In today's review, I'll be looking at Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate bars to see what one can expect despite missing the original's 22 grams of sugar per serving.

When first looking at Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate, one would not be able to tell something is different about it. The 2-inch by 1-inch sugar free chocolate has a milk chocolate color with a smooth appearance on the surface. The chocolate also has a pleasant chocolate smell that invites you to bite into the little candy as soon as you open the sealed wrapper. When you finally bite into chocolate, you are greeted with the same milk chocolate flavor and smoothness you expect from Hershey's as the chocolate melts in your mouth. However, once the chocolate dissolves there is a slightly grainy or textured finish left on your tongue. It is not really unpleasant, but it is noticeable. In addition, there seems to be a sweetness to the product that might be a little stronger than what one would expect from the original chocolate.

Overall, I would say while the Hershey's Sugar Free Special Dark is a better product, Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate is still a solid substitute to the original milk chocolate. The good consistency and chocolate flavor will help make the product meet your chocolate cravings as they pop up. In addition, Hershey's chocolate melts well so you can be confident using it in your baking and cooking. For example, the sugar free chocolate is good on top of baked goods such as sugar free brownies. However, just be careful about eating too many sugar free chocolates since this product uses sugar alcohols and there may be a laxative effect for those who have sensitive stomachs.

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